Meeting the parents

After about 3 months of dating I had a very casual meeting with my boyfriends parents. Keep in mind that I am not Indian so you can just imagine the amount of stress that I was in prior to meeting them for the first time. I’m a very shy person at the beginning in general so I was literally freaking out about what I can possibly say when speaking to his mother. I didn’t want there to be some sort of awkward silence. But whether it went bad or well I had to get it over with some way or another.

So you can just imagine how I prepared for the first meeting with the parents although I didn’t want to over think it. I made sure that my attire was of good taste but I didn’t want to go overboard. So I wore simple blue jeans, a regular t-shirt, blazer and sandals. As well as minimal makeup and my glasses. Oh and did I mention a bulky bracelet on my left hand to cover up my tattoo on my wrist. Unfortunately they still have no clue that I have any tattoos. Even though I only have three and they aren’t huge. I still fear that I will be judged for the simple fact that I have them. So my boyfriend and I figured that if we keep it out of sight at first they’ll get to know me for who I am rather than defining me for my tattoos.

Finally Time to Go!!

So at last it’s time for me to head over and meet them. I get home from work quickly change and drive over. My boyfriend and I decided that it was best that I first meet them at a public setting. So we figured that we can do it on a day when there was a huge annual festival going on. This may help ease off the spotlight on me, which I definitely didn’t want. I finally arrive and walk in. Immediately I spot his mother, my heart drops. At this point I’m thinking its all or nothing. Paras notices I arrived he immediately comes out and introduces me to both his mom and dad. His mom asks me if I’d like something to drink and I politely took some water especially since I noticed my face was getting hot. Gosh I was probably turning red at that point. I begin by asking his mom how her day was and so forth. From there we began talking about different subjects. I’ve got to say that I was surprised at how things went, everyone was very respectful but this didn’t mean I was in on the family of course. This was just the beginning. This first meeting broke the ice. As nervous as I was, I had to make an appearance eventually if I wanted them to start accepting the fact that I’m with their son I have to slowly break it in.

Advice on meeting the parents for the first time.

Meeting the parents can be very nerve-racking. You have to always consider the fact that your significant others family morals or beliefs can be different from how you were raised. So especially if you want to make an impression make sure to:

-Dress appropriately-Don’t show up wearing an outfit you would normally wear to the night clubs, be conservative.

-Wear minimal makeup and keep it simple-  Wearing excessive makeup can scream “high maintenance” and from a parents standpoint this can be a no-no.

Be very respectful- This is probably the most important thing in my opinion. This can define you as a person and parents will immediately pick up on this. If they pick up on something they don’t like, they will keep that in account for future reference. Also make sure to have a talk with your other half to get a sense of how his parents are and make sure you ask if there are any things that can come off offensive to them that you normally wouldn’t consider offensive.


Since the first interaction with his parents, I’ve been over for dinner a couple of times, invited to a few occasions and offered plenty of food 🙂 I still get nervous every time I see them. I believe it’s the fact that I feel as if I’m still working towards their acceptance. But you know what they say great things build up with time so I’ll just look at it that way.